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Great one has appeared again!

Gospel, Spiritual, Sermon, etc!

Set of 6 CDs in wooden box putting American religious music together

Revolutionary is this. If you look at the picture on the right page (see original article), you see how wonderful the binding is, and you can do nothing but admire the enrichment of contents more than its appearance. From 1902 to 1960, 135 religious (Christian) music, mainly in the South, in 5 CDs, 1 CD (25 tracks in all) which includes Sermons, and the booklet has explanations of each music (very simple and easy to read) and lyrics, and valuable photos and pictorial cut is contained. The hefty weights you feel when you hold this box reflects the enrichment of the contents.

People who are involved in this box are great as well. Dick Spottswood, David Evans, Ray Funk, Anthony Hailbut, Opal Lewis Nations, Doug Sheroff. Such pundits got together that someone who has some knowledge can instantly judge that they should "buy".

Let's look at the songs recorded. Gospel music has many varieties of styles. Vocal group with jubilee style, jazz band or jug band, accompanying oneself with guitar or banjo, harmonica, hillbilly band, and calypso recorded in Trinidad (a bit below the belt). They are so bustling that by any means. Of course, here in this CD, both white and black people's records are collected. As Spottswood first wrote in the introduction, both have been influencing each other. If you simplify matters extremely, whites got the rhythm of blacks and blacks got the harmony of whites.

If anyone thinks "I don't have much interest in gospel music," please recall the remarks which has been said a long time by Kenichi Sasaki, "Gospel music is the best entertainment." Are you conscious of saints or earthly in front of exciting harmony work of Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet? Guitar and Violin duo in Kentucky, Mcvin and Johnson's song can be listened to as nothing but country dance tune. Isn't it well known that great Black men put the spirit into music?

Without being strongly conscious that this is religious music, listen to this box. This might be the right way to listen. If you listen to one CD which includes Sermon, you feel stronger about this. When you hear the word Sermon, you tend to think it isn't the music that preacher talks at unilaterally is it? But this is music itself, like call and response with the audience, drum, guitar, piano, and even jug will be added and become a big fuss. Other than famous preacher like A.W. Nicks, J.M. Gates, the song by Joe McCoy as Hallelujah Joe is included. According to the notes, McCoy recorded the music "Hallelujah Joe Aint Purutin No More at Harlem Fats"! I strongly recommend this as very progressive box not to only please collectors, but stimulate listeners as well.

susan thanks keita nishitani for translation to english. see original article